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Houston Brite Teeth Whitening

Houston Brite Teeth Whitening

Have you been searching for Houston brite teeth whitening, but have not been able to find the right method? Be careful when you search, as using misspelled words can often make it harder to locate the product you want. Words like ‘brite” are often in brand or product names, making it hard to find a system for brighter teeth. Many consumers do not have much time to browse online for whitening systems. Using careful terms can help you find the system you want. As a result, you can begin whitening much faster.

Generally speaking, there are three ways to whiten your teeth in Houston. The first relies on over-the-counter whitening products. These products include things like toothpaste and whitening strips. The second method is to visit your dentist for whitening treatments. The third approach is to invest in a home whitening system. While there are some benefits to each method, a home based whitening system is the best choice.

Consumers looking for a Houston-based teeth whitening system should consider Eclipse Whitening. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System combines the convenience of at-home treatments with the effectiveness of a dental visit. As a result, users see noticeable improvement without wasting time or money. Making the decision to invest in this type of system can be hard for some consumers. Many people are misinformed about how each of these whitening methods works. However, learning about each of these treatments can give you the information needed to make the best whitening choice.

Whitening Your Teeth With Over-The-Counter Products

There are numerous over-the-counter products available for teeth whitening in Houston. These products are often sold at an inexpensive price. They are available at most pharmacies, retail and department stores. Since they are readily found and cheap, these products tend to be the first choice among consumers. In some cases, the products do not require any extra time or effort, making them attractive to busy individuals.


Unfortunately, most of these products are simply unable to give you the brighter smile you want. Toothpaste, in particular, can address some recent stains or imperfections on your teeth. They cannot help your teeth become any whiter quickly. The shade of your enamel will not improve enough with repeated use. Whitening strips are also less than effective. Much like toothpaste, they can address minor stains, and they will not dramatically improve the shade of your smile. In fact, they can actually harm your teeth by stripping away your enamel due to the prolonged exposure that they require. Individuals who suffer from tooth sensitivity in particular need to avoid these products.


Thankfully, the Eclipse Smart Whitening System is also readily available and at a competitive price. In fact, many consumers find Eclipse System easier than finding effective whitening strips or toothpastes. Eclipse Systems can be ordered directly online by visiting their website at Questions consumers have may be answered by informed customer service representatives. You can ask online, write an email, or can call their toll-free number at 1-888-505-7758.

Teeth Whitening At A Houston-Based Dental Clinic

Visiting your dentist for specialized treatment is another bright teeth whitening option. Some consumers mistakenly believe this to be the only way to get a safe and effective whitening treatment. For many years, dental clinics were the only way to whiten with blue light technology. During that time, at-home kits were not reliable or used technology that could harm the teeth. Other consumers are unaware that there are effective or better products available. When compared to using over-the-counter whitening strategies, this is a far better method.

However, there are many drawbacks to visiting your dentist for whitening treatments. These trips can become quite costly. Most individuals will need to take some time off work to visit their dentist. Others may have childcare concerns. Those costs can add up quickly, making it hard for many to explore this option fully. If you have very little time during the workday or dental phobia, this option is simply not available.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System can bring the same blue light technology to your home. Thanks to the Eclipse System, consumers can whiten safely and more efficiently at the comfort of their own homes. This means whitening on your timeline, and not when it is convenient for your dentist. Those with phobias about visiting dentists can still whiten at home with the same great technology in the Eclipse. The Eclipse System takes less time than dental trips and whitens just as well.

Using A Houston Brite Teeth Whitening System

By far the superior Houston-based teeth whitening method is an at-home system. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System can remove years of embedded stains, dramatically renewing your smile. Users will see four to ten shades of improvement within just six sessions. More extensive use of the Eclipse System can make your teeth up to ten shades whiter. Results like this cannot be found with over-the-counter products. The Eclipse System also has a huge advantage over dental visits. It is priced competitively, making it a more cost-effective choice than repeated dental visits. Users can whiten whenever they have the time, and can multitask while doing so. With Eclipse refills available, maintenance is always an affordable option and keeping your teeth white will be simple.

Using an Eclipse System is remarkably easy. The company has their user manual online, so prospective customers can see just how simple it is. Just apply the gel on the tray, place the tray in your mouth, and activate the light for 20 minutes. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System hooks up to your smartphone so that you can set the duration and intensity of those sessions with the touch of a button. Cleaning up is just as easy.  A simple rinse in water and cleaning of any excess gel will help towards a longer lasting system.  Also, storing the system in a cool, dry location will help keep the whole Eclipse System working well.

Trying to find a method and product to get the brighter smile of your dreams is not as hard as it seems. While there are numerous products available, knowing results you can achieve will help you narrow down the field. As you are searching, keep the advantages the Eclipse Smart Whitening System provides in mind. Consider visiting if you are looking for a Houston brite teeth whitening system.

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