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Houston Teeth Whitening Kit

Houston Teeth Whitening Kit

Residents looking for a Houston teeth whitening kit may have a hard time figuring out which system is best. There are a few different brands and options on the market from which to choose. Most of these options consist of expensive and uncomfortable dental molds, or maybe over the counters strips. Lately, consumers have seen the cheap hand held blue light operated by a small battery. Ultimately, taking the time to compare the various kits available will pay off and make a huge difference in actually achieving the goal of getting white teeth. Comparing these features can help you quickly and easily decide which one is best. If you only have twenty minutes per day, you will want the kit that only needs twenty minutes per day and not a tray that requires you to sit in for hours. Likewise, if you want fast results, you may want a kit with a proven history of fast results.

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Kit

While there are other whitening options, choosing a kit for teeth whitening in Houston is preferable for a few different reasons:

  • Whiten in the comfort of your own home
  • Whiten with a powerful and safe product
  • Whiten visibly at the fastest rate possible
  • Whiten with a convenient easy to use system
  • Whitening that provides deep and long lasting results

Houston at home whitening kits tend to be more powerful than over-the-counter gels or strips. In many cases consumers waste thousands of dollars on these seemingly quick fixes. In other cases, sensitivities or other allergies, may prevent these solutions from being used altogether. Strips can quite literally strip the enamel from the surface of the teeth, making them harmful for those with sensitive teeth. An at home kit from a reputable company will not have the same destructive impact. The best way to get whiter teeth without a dental visit is to invest in a home whitening kit.

Opting to find a kit in Houston for teeth whitening can also save you money. Repeated in-office visits can quickly add up, especially if you have stubborn enamel stains or have daily staining habits. Using an at home kit, like those sold by Eclipse Whitening, can help to save you money when compared to in-office whitening. Many individuals want to return after professional whitening for touch ups or maintenance work, which can also mean additional costs. Therefore, buying a quality at home kit can save the consumer a ton of precious time and money.

What To Do Before Searching For A Teeth Whitening Kit In Houston

Looking in Houston for a teeth whitening kit can be time-consuming. Once you find the right one, it can be tempting to start using it right away. Any cavities and tooth decay need to be addressed to prevent your oral health from getting worse. Tooth decay, in particular, can quickly spread across your mouth. If you whiten before taking care of this decay, it can negate your efforts. Taking care of these dental concerns before finding a Houston-based teeth whitening kit will help you see better results. If you have any other dental questions or issues, bring them up before whitening. Certain oral health concerns, such as sensitivity, may be something you need to consider. As you are shopping for a whitening kit, avoid buying those that rely on UV lights. Ideally, you will be able to find a company that provides a remineralizing gel along with the whitening kit. These will keep your enamel strong without stripping your teeth. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is an enamel safe method that features (16) powerful LED whitening bulbs as well as a re-mineralizing gel to assure and encourage a healthy whitening process.

Using Your Houston Teeth Whitening Kit

Thankfully, using your teeth whitening kit in Houston is much easier than finding the perfect one. Kits like The Eclipse Smart Whitening System sold by My Smile come with many advanced components. Each Eclipse box includes the revolutionary Smart LED light that connects to the consumers Smartphone or USB adaptor, (3) professional grade gel syringes, a re-mineralizing gel and specialized deep cleaning oral brush ups to assure that the enamel surface is well dried prior to applying the gel tray system. The luxury self-fit mouth piece is flexible and durable to allow for a comfortable and convenient hands free whitening in less than half an hour.

Brush and floss your teeth before you start. If you have recently eaten, you may wish to use mouthwash as well. Be sure to remove all the food particles from your mouth first. Avoid brushing too hard, however, to prevent gum irritation.

Applying the Whitening Gel and Smart Tray

Once your teeth are dry, put a small amount of the gel onto the tray across the top and bottom tooth areas. Do not squeeze directly from the tube. Instead, use the syringe and apply it in a very thin line. Get in a comfortable sitting position and then plug the adaptor to your desired smart portal. The light will come on instantly. Then set the lit /filled tray into your mouth and gently push the enamel to the gel surface of the tray. Keeping your lips resting on the upper and lower rim is recommended for optimal comfort. Rinse out your mouth thoroughly after twenty minutes has expired. Clean the tray well with lukewarm water, using a gentle toothbrush if necessary. This Houston whitening kit is very easy and simple to use.

When To Expect Whiter Teeth 

Your results will depend on the type of kit you purchase. If your priority is getting whiter teeth in as little time as possible, try these tips:

  • Buy an LED-based system to maximize whitening time and results
  • Use the gel exactly as directed and keep refrigerated for quality
  • Ensure your teeth are as dry as possible before inserting the tray
  • Keep your tray stored in a cool, clean, dry area for bulb preservation

Majority of all whitening consumers today are thinking about switching up their usual dental routine when introducing a whitening system. They typically start using mouthwash and brushing more frequently. These small changes can help the results of your whitening take effect quicker and last longer.

You may also want to avoid products known to leave stains on the teeth. Things such as coffee, wine, cola, and tobacco etc. will all stain tooth enamel quite quickly. If you cannot cut out your morning cup of coffee or nightly wine, follow it up with a glass of water to flush away as much stain causing debris as possible. Brushing your teeth frequently throughout the day can also help you see results much faster. Keeping these elements in mind when looking for a Houston teeth whitening kit will give you a confident and impressionable smile, sooner. By Purchasing the Eclipse Smart Whitening System you are meeting each of the desired components required in achieving your best smile yet.

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