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Houston Teeth Whitening Light

Houston Teeth Whitening Light

Are you looking for information about a Houston teeth whitening light? These products are essential in getting brighter, whiter teeth at home. When combined with a tray and specialized gel, you can expect to see whiter teeth within days. In fact, they are so effective that your teeth can get up to ten shades whiter. With results like that, it is not surprising to learn that these lights are very popular products.

Eclipse Whitening is one company that sells powerful LED teeth whitening lights in Houston. An Eclipse Kit also comes with a tray with the embedded LED lights, professional whitening gels, oral wipes, and a specially designed remineralizing gel. The whitening treatment itself can be done easily, and hands free, using your smartphone. Eclipse Kits take advantage of blue light technology, and bring it to you at an affordable cost.

Teeth whitening lights in Houston are usually purchased as part of a teeth whitening kit. They may come with a tray, gel, and other accessories to make whitening easier and more effective. When purchased from a reputable retailer, the lights will also come with maintenance and cleaning instructions. You will want to know how to maintain and store your light between uses. Proper long-term care can help keep the light in working condition for a longer period.

Buying A Houston Teeth Whitening Light

Looking for a Houston-based teeth whitening light on its own can be a bit tricky. In most cases, they are sold as part of a bigger kit and not individually. Searching for a light on its own can quickly become a frustrating endeavor. It is actually recommended that consumers never purchase whitening lights on their own. These lights are much more effective when used in conjunction with a specialized gel and a carefully designed tray. A light from one manufacturer used with a gel from another will not give you effective results.

When you are shopping around Houston for a whitening kit, look at more than just the light. Various kits will have varying degrees of effectiveness and different treatment lengths. Think about your timeline and how soon you want your teeth to be their best. Certain brands, such as Eclipse Whitening, can give results faster than others. Pay attention to the type of gel used and whether or not there are any warranties offered. Remember that a whiter smile involves more than just the perfect light.

Eclipse Kits come with everything you need to get the smile of your dreams. They will have powerful and innovative LED whitening lights, professional whitening gels, and a remineralizing gel. Each Eclipse Smart Whitening System also has a one-year warranty and a fourteen-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Whitening Lights: UV vs. LED

There are two types of teeth whitening lights commonly used in Houston. The first is UV light. This is the kind of light that was used in early whitening procedures. Some consumers still believe UV light to be the only one available today. Thankfully, there are alternatives. Using UV light as a part of your whitening solution can rapidly dry out your enamel. As a result, you are at an increased risk to develop tooth sensitivities. If you already have sensitive teeth, you will want to be certain that you avoid UV lighting.

There is a safer and readily available alternative. LED lights are commonly used in high-quality home whitening kits. They are also frequently used in dental clinics across the country in their in-office whitening treatments. LED lights are much safer and effective than UV. They will not dry out your teeth, and they will last much longer. These lights are also much easier to replace if one of the bulbs does happen to burn out. Another advantage to using LED lights is that they do not produce as much heat. As a result, the treatment can be modified to the properly timed whitening procedure with dramatic results. You may notice faster results with the utilization of these types of bulbs over other alternatives.

Only one company, Eclipse Whitening, brings consumers that same blue light technology at a competitive cost. Eclipse Kits contain everything you need to get your smile pearly white. They are the only company in Houston who offer these amazing benefits at a competitive cost and with such confident guarantees.

Seeing Teeth Whitening Results

After you start using your new kit, including teeth whitening light, in Houston you may be eager for results. First-time users will want to know how long they need to use this type of treatment. If you are familiar with gels and pastes, you may be surprised with the dramatic results the Eclipse Smart Whitening System can reveal.

A high-quality home whitening solution can often produce results in as little as three sessions. Session length can vary between fifteen to twenty minutes. These results are much more noticeable than the ones seen with gels and pastes. Your teeth can get four to ten shades whiter in just that brief period.

The results also last longer than those seen with gels and pastes. Depending on lifestyle and dietary choices, treatments can last for six months to a year. Since whitening kits are so safe, periodic touch ups can be completed on a regular basis without causing any harm to your teeth or gums.

Caring For Your Teeth Whitening Light in Houston

Once you have found a kit, including teeth whitening light, in Houston you will want to ensure it lasts. The best way to keep your whitening products in great shape is to properly care for them between uses. When you receive your product, take the time to read the user’s guide. You will find detailed care instructions including how to properly care for the light. You may want to keep a copy of these instructions with your light. Having them handy will reduce the risk of you skipping an important maintenance step.

Generally speaking, you will need to clean your tray after every use. Rinse the light with lukewarm water, avoiding anything too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures can cause your tray to crack, weakening its effectiveness. This should get rid of any remaining gel. If not, take a soft bristled toothbrush and gently rub at the spot of gel. Avoid putting too much pressure on the brush, and never use anything abrasive. Dry your tray off before putting it away.

If you are using LED lights, you likely will not need to worry about replacement. These bulbs are designed to last for a very long time. You should still test them to make sure they all work before putting the system away between uses. Test them once more before using the system again for the first time to ensure they still all work. If one happens to burn out, contact the manufacturer for replacement. In most cases, a replacement Houston teeth whitening light can easily be found.

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