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Houston Teeth Whitening

Houston Teeth Whitening

Are you looking for Houston teeth whitening? It is a very popular service in both Houston and across the country. In fact, it is a highly sought after service across almost every demographic. Teeth whitening is an entirely safe procedure, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The many benefits that come with whitening your smile include:

  • Higher Confidence and Appearance
  • Achieve Better Overall Oral Health
  • Noticeable Improvement of Self-Esteem
  • Accomplish a Clean Professional Approach

Finding Houston Teeth Whitening

The next step to getting whiter teeth is to start looking in Houston for a teeth whitening service provider. The difficulty level of this task varies depending on the method you have selected. Over-the-counter gels and strips can usually be found at local drugstores. Finding a more efficient product can be quite a bit harder. These services are generally more expensive than strips. Before you make that kind of investment, you will want to be sure you will get results. Obtaining that information does require a bit of homework on your part.

Those looking for a Houston-based teeth whitening service will quickly find that there are many different methods. The abundance of choices makes it easy to get overwhelmed or unsure as to which product to spend your money on. Consequently, you may wind up with an inferior product that does not work for you.

In Houston, teeth whitening companies offer these types of systems. Set some time aside to learn about this procedure from these companies. Doing so is a good way to have your questions about specific systems answered. For example, the length and frequency of treatment can vary. You may also find that the anticipated results will vary depending on the strength of the product you are researching. It is important to understand all the options for whitening in order to understand why the New Eclipse Smart Whitening system is such a “SMART” idea and is quickly becoming the #1 go to system for Houston for teeth whitening.

In-Office Treatments

Most in-office treatments done by a dentist or whitening technician usually involve several different expensive visits. Majority of all dental offices will want to do a full examination before they begin, including x-rays and photos. This can be extremely time consuming and very expensive. There are two primary procedures performed in clinics for whitening purposes. The one used by your dentist will depend on the type of tooth being whitened.

Vital whitening is the term for the procedure used on teeth with live nerves. Your dentist will spread a gel across your teeth and then blast it with a LED beam. Each session will last about an hour and a half. You may have anywhere from two to five appointments, depending on the extent of the stains. Non-vital whitening is done to a tooth that no longer has a live nerve. It involves putting a whitening solution inside the tooth. After a few days, the solution is removed. It can be done as many times as needed. It is only used in cases where there is an internal stain and no live nerve. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System brings the powerful effects of the advanced LED teeth whitening method done in-office to you the consumer, in the convenient form of Smartphone connections to provide amazing and hassle free whitening results at a fraction of the cost.

At Home Whitening System

One of the most efficient, in demand solutions on the market is a home teeth whitening system. These systems differ from over-the-counter gels, strips, and in-office methods. A home whitening system typically includes a tray and gel combination.

At-home systems are rising in popularity because of the host of benefits that comes with their use as a result to today’s fast paced daily routines:

  • Whiten in Comfort of Your Own Home
  • Multitask While Whitening
  • Avoid Expensive In-office Bills
  • Avoid Time Consuming Travel
  • Amazing Results Anywhere, Anytime.

Avoid opting for the cheapest solution. Consumers often get exactly what they pay for. Trying to pay as little as possible for a product like this can mean seeing little to no improvement. As a result, you may switch products or spend more money on the same one. Eventually, you could wind up paying a lot more and still seeing no results.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System has all the modern features of in-office whitening, and includes a detailed warranty and product guarantee.  You can then learn more about the advantages of “SMART” whitening itself while visiting their website.

Some Whitening Considerations To Keep In Mind

Before you start any whitening treatment, you should talk to your dentist. Cavities and tooth decay can negate the effects of your whitening efforts. Having these things treated before you start is the best way to ensure its overall success. Your dentist may also be able to give you some suggestions for avoiding future stains.

Gels, pastes and at-home strips are usually the cheapest options. Keep in mind that they do not provide the same results as in-office treatments or at home systems. If you are looking to whiten your teeth without dental visits, an at-home system is your best bet.

Not all stains are found on the surface of the tooth. Some can be within the tooth itself, yet still visible from the exterior. Receding gums can also reveal discolored roots. Certain extensive procedures may have a slight whitening effect on them. Keep in mind, however, that they will not get any whiter than when they were first implanted.

Which Is Best?

Ultimately, the decision about which method to use is a personal one. The nature and extent of the stains or damage to your teeth is one determinative factor. Smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and red wine consumption can all lead to enamel stains. Depending on how severe these stains are, one solution may be more appropriate than another. Gels and strips will not remove stains as effectively as an LED-based system.

Certain methods can be used for both extensive removal and maintenance. It might be worthwhile investing in something longer lasting that you can do at home to achieve both these goals. Keeping this information in mind will help you find the best Houston teeth whitening service for you. Products of the past are either uncomfortable, non-effective, or very temporary. However, the new Smart Whitening System is unlike anything the whitening industry has ever seen. The Smartphone feature of the Eclipse wipes away the consumer’s past woes and meets the demands of modern day teeth whitening. The Eclipse Smart Teeth Whitening System will truly wow the consumer with its state of the art whitening capacity and overall whitening satisfaction.

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