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Professional Teeth Whitening Products Houston TX

Professional Teeth Whitening Products Houston TX

You may be looking for professional teeth whitening products Houston TX. People look into professional whitening solutions for many different reasons including weddings and important meetings. A brighter smile can even bring you an extra sense of confidence. However, wanting a whiter smile and knowing how to achieve it are two different things.

There are an abundance of professional teeth whitening products on the market in Houston, TX. Some are available over-the-counter or at drug stores. Others can only be found in dental offices. Other products can be found online or through reputable retailers. With so many choices available, it can be hard to find the right product for you.

Each brand may make slightly different claims or use different measurements. As a result, it can be a hard to compare the claims of one product against another. However, finding Houston-based professional teeth whitening products does not necessarily involve that much investigative work. By focusing on one or two important aspects, you can quickly compare one product to another. This will also prevent you from getting distracted by other less important claims.

Each Product’s Teeth Whitening Speed

Even if you do not have a specific date or deadline in mind, speed matters. Consumers who use these high-quality teeth whitening products in Houston, TX should expect results faster than non-professional alternatives. Strips and toothpaste are examples of non-professional products. You may use these items between whitening treatments for maintenance but would not rely on them for a superior and fast job.

When you are looking at various professional products, take a look at their estimated timeline. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System, for example, works in less than six sessions. Results will be seen within the first 20 minutes and many shade improvements are expected within the 1st hour.  Investigate the number of sessions other systems need before they promise a noticeable improvement. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the length of each session. If you only have thirty minutes per day, you do not want to get a system that needs forty-five.

You should also pay attention to the final anticipated results as well as the first sign of noticeable change. The Eclipse System offers dramatic and professional improvements after full use of the system. Compare these final results as well as the initial ones. Doing so can give you a realistic idea of what to expect from the system. It can also help you find one that works according to your timeline.

Whitening Results Of Each Product

Many professional whitening products in Houston, TX will give you two different types of results. The first results are those you will see after limited use of the system. The second results provided are typically those seen after you have fully utilized the system. Pay close attention to these two results. They should be far enough apart to justify the extra use of the system.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System can improve your smile by four to eight shades at first. After full use of the system, you may notice improvements of up to ten shades. Other products may make different claims. Be sure that you can easily identify the exact shade improvement claimed by the company. If the language is vague, choose a different brand. Eclipse Whitening uses clear language and terms with professionals with years of experience in the whitening field, letting customers know exactly the results they can anticipate.

Time Between Teeth Whitening Treatments

The last aspect you should look for in a professional whitening product in Houston is the time between treatments. Some kits need to be used more frequently than others. Ideally, you will be able to go six months to a year between regular whitening treatments. Keep in mind that you may need touch ups in the months between sessions. As a result, you should look for a kit that is safe for frequent use, but one that does not require it.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is an example of a system that is incredibly effective and still entirely safe. Users can often go anywhere from six months to a whole year without requiring regular whitening sessions. The system itself is easy and convenient to use, however, making touch-ups is a breeze with the Eclipse refills they have available. The gel is made using an advanced gentle formula, meaning it is safe for repeated use. Eclipse Kits also come with a post-whitening gel, designed to remineralize your teeth.

If you do plan on storing the system for a significant period between uses, be sure to follow safe storage instructions. The Eclipse System will need to be rinsed off and stored in a cool, dry location. Eclipse Whitening has their user manual available online, but you should still keep a paper copy with your kit. You may reach Eclipse Whitening at or you can also call them at (888) 505-7758.

Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening Products Houston TX

In the end, selecting a superior professional whitening product in Houston is much easier than it may initially seem. The important features in a whitening system are speed, effectiveness, and the length of time between treatments. Using these items as a base, you can quickly and easily compare different home-based systems.  While cost may be a factor, set it aside when you start your search. This ensures your decision-making process is free from any potential bias.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is one home product that can give you a brilliant smile. The Eclipse System has all the necessary features you need and comes at a competitive price. There are virtually no drawbacks to using this system. Your smile can only improve when using these professional teeth whitening products Houston TX.

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