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Professional Teeth Whitening System Houston TX

Professional Teeth Whitening System Houston TX

Do you have questions about buying a professional teeth whitening system Houston TX? Trying to find the best whitening product for you can be tricky. There are many different brands on the market making it hard to find the right product by the right brand. Many consumers start to research whitening solutions only to find they have more questions than answers.

Consumers who have never used Houston, TX-based professional teeth whitening systems, in particular, may be confused. These systems are quite different from whitening strips. Looking for a professional system involves more responsibility than purchasing a simple whitening strip, if you are looking for professional results. It also involves a time commitment, as these systems are not always available in stores.

Learning about the professional teeth whitening systems available in Houston will help you decide which is best. Not all systems are designed the same. Some can offer better results; some are faster than others. In many cases, consumers are unaware of the most powerful results on the market. As a result, they often wind up with inferior products. Being informed about all products available will guide you to the right product for you and your whitening needs. It will also help you avoid the temptation to buy the least expensive one available. Instead, you can focus on finding the most effective at the best price.

How Do Professional Teeth Whitening Systems Work?

Professional teeth whitening systems in Houston, TX work differently than traditional strips and toothpastes. Strips lighten the enamel of your tooth but can cause stripping and increased sensitivity. Toothpaste typically works by removing or lightening specific stains. Professional systems give far better and faster results, due to their superior technology and advanced whitening formula. While different systems work in different ways, they do share some overlapping elements. Each system relies on a gel that is activated by whitening lights. However, the similarities tend to end here.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is one of the best professional systems available. It uses a special whitening gel and the same blue light technology used by dentists. When combined with an Eclipse tray and their smartphone app, whitening is efficient and easy. The powerful and innovative LED lights activate the whitening gel, accelerating the whitening effect. Your smartphone sets the time at twenty minutes, and then you can relax as the Eclipse system gets to work. Eclipse Systems also include a remineralizing gel, designed to remineralizing your teeth. The LED technology combined with the gentle gel means this treatment is entirely safe. Patients with sensitive teeth and gums can easily use the Eclipse System.

The Eclipse System penetrates beyond that top layer of enamel and reaches stains that have been built over many years. As a result, you get powerful whitening that lasts at least six months. The Eclipse System can even reach stubborn stains you previously thought were permanent, adding confidence back to your smile. Touch ups may need to be done in the intervening months, especially if you enjoy soda, coffee or wine. These touch-ups can also be done quickly and efficiently with Eclipse refills available on the online store. The Eclipse System is safe for repeated use, so you can keep your white smile without worrying about your oral health.

When Will I See Whiter Teeth?

Consumers who are used to whitening strips are often shocked when they learn how fast professional teeth whitening systems work. In Houston, TX, strips often take months of continuous use to get noticeable results. However, the improvement you will see after using a professional teeth whitening system is much more dramatic. In fact, you can expect your system to give results after just one session. These results are pretty powerful, too. Most users report improvement of four to eight shades in less than a week of regular use.

Professional whitening systems are most effective when used daily for about twenty minutes per session. You will notice improvement of up to ten shades with regular use. For best results, you should avoid darkly colored food or beverages after each treatment. These items can stain your teeth, even if you brush regularly. After you have finished your whitening treatment, stains can be dealt with by using the system for touch ups. If stains are a major concern, consider rinsing your mouth out after consuming dark food and beverages.

You can expect your brighter smile to last longer when using a professional system. Results often last six months to a year before repeated use is again required. If you happen to enjoy coffee, soda, or wine, you may want to use your system for touch ups. You may notice stains in the intervening months, but these can quickly be addressed with a few short whitening sessions.

What Is The Best Professional Teeth Whitening System Houston TX?

Deciding which professional whitening product to buy in Houston is relatively easy once you have all the information. These products are designed to give you the same bright smile a dentist can but from the convenience of your home. You should be able to rely on products like these for fast and noticeable results. You should also rely on these products to whiten your teeth safely, using only the best technology.

Keeping this information in mind will lead you to the right product. The best whitening solution will use the same safe LED technology used in dental clinics. It will also incorporate a gentle gel, and post-treatment care to offer further dental protection. Ideally, your at home solution will be easy and convenient to use. Cleaning and storing the product also needs to be quick and easy.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is the only one on the market that combines all of these elements. These systems are also available at competitive prices, making them more affordable than dental trips. They will give you more dramatic results much faster than over-the-counter products. The Eclipse uses innovative LED whitening technology paired with an advanced whitening gel, for superior results, done at the comfort of your home.  Look no further than Eclipse Whitening for your professional teeth whitening system Houston TX.

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