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Professional Teeth Whitening System Houston

Professional Teeth Whitening System Houston

If you enjoy dark colored foods and beverages, you might be looking for a professional teeth whitening system Houston. Some of our favorite items, such as coffee, tea, and wine, can leave unsightly stains behind. While brushing and flossing after consuming such foods can help, it is not always realistic to expect these means to take stains away.

The best way to get whitening results is to use a Houston-based professional teeth whitening system. Over-the-counter solutions may seem cost-effective, but will not give you the same brilliant results. It can take months of consistent use before whitening strips improve the shade of your teeth. Results from the use of whitening toothpaste are also less than impressive. These products can help remove recent stains. However, they cannot dramatically improve the shade of the enamel itself.

Finding a professional teeth whitening system in Houston is relatively easy. Consumers do have many choices available to them. The hard part is deciding which brand and which system is the best for you. Some whitening systems can only be used at a dentist’s office. Others must be purchased from your dentist directly. Opting for either of these routes can be quite pricey, as dental costs can quickly add up. Thankfully, the Eclipse Smart Whitening System is a cost-effective solution with proven results that is easily available to you.


Most people prefer to avoid the dentist wherever possible. Dental phobia is one common reason people give when skipping appointments. The amount of time that you have to spend on each dental visit is often another. Getting to and from the clinic, finding parking, and filling out paperwork are all time-consuming tasks. These tasks all must be completed in addition to the time spent whitening. When all is said and done, you may find that you have spent hours on your teeth.

Using a professional teeth whitening system at home in Houston is a great way to avoid all this hassle. Time-consuming tasks that do not lead to whiter teeth, such as driving, parking, and waiting, can all be avoided. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System brings the same blue light technology your dentist uses to your home. You can see the same brilliant white results while using your time effectively at the comfort of your home or office. Initiating each session is quick and easy. Cleaning up is also very simple, allowing you to spend your time and energy elsewhere.

Some users are even able to easily multitask while whitening thanks to the Eclipse Smart Whitening System. The Eclipse System relies on smartphone technology to give you a truly hands-free whitening experience. Simply connect the Eclipse to your smart device, set the procedure on your smart device time, place the tray in your mouth and you are all set. The whitening process itself will take twenty minutes per session. Corporate executives, shift workers, and single parents can comfortably fit such a short duration into their schedule. The fact that Eclipse Whitening uses hands-free technology means you can work or relax during this time.

Keep Your Teeth Whiter Longer And See Fast Results

Some Houston-based professional whitening systems need to be often reused to keep your teeth white. Non-professional options require almost constant use. Other professional systems, like those available at the dentist’s office, require frequent touch ups. One way to keep your teeth whiter longer is to use the Eclipse Smart Whitening System. Touch ups may still be needed, especially for those who enjoy teeth-staining foods or maintaining a white smile. However, they do not need to be done as frequently and can be done without booking another dental appointment. You have the freedom to initiate a touch-up session at your leisure with the Eclipse refill available on their online store. Most Eclipse System users can easily go six months to a year with only the occasional touch up in between.

The Eclipse System has another advantage over in-office and over-the-counter treatments. Results can be noticed quite quickly. Using the Eclipse System for just twenty minutes a day, for less than a week, can provide dramatic results. You can whiten your teeth by four to eight shades in this brief period or up to 10 shades within a few more sessions.

Save Money By Purchasing A Professional Teeth Whitening System Houston

The Eclipse System can also save you money in the long run. Repeated trips to the dentist for professional teeth whitening in Houston can be costly. Some consumers will purchase an at home kit from their dentist, hoping to save money. Unfortunately, these do not often work as well as dental trips or some products available at a dental office can wind up costing you more. This disappointment in the procedure can often lead consumers to abandon the whitening process altogether.

Thankfully, the Eclipse Smart Whitening System solves all of these issues. The system itself is priced competitively, already putting it ahead of its competition. Eclipse Systems also use the same type of powerful whitening technology available at your dentist’s office. Sixteen LED whitening bulbs work with a specially formulated whitening gel to give you a brilliant smile. The Eclipse System can be used at home at any time. Users can whiten as they work, relax, or complete chores. If you value your time, the Eclipse System can help you make the most of it.

These systems are easy to find and easy to use. Eclipse Whitening has a very user-friendly website, available at Here, those interested in the Eclipse System can place an order, read the user manual, and find out more information. You should never purchase a whitening system if you are not clear on how it works. As a result, Eclipse has a toll-free number staffed with customer service experts ready to answer your questions. You can reach Eclipse Whitening at 1-888-505-7758 or email them at .   Eclipse Whitening is the best option for consumers looking for a professional teeth whitening system Houston.

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