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Professional Whitening Gel Houston

Professional Whitening Gel Houston

If you want a brighter smile, chances are you have come across a professional whitening gel Houston. These gels are key elements in many at-home and in-office whitening systems. Some systems rely on one strong whitening gel, while others take a gentler approach. High-quality systems will also include a post-whitening gel, to prevent tooth dehydration.

Despite the prevalence of these Houston-based professional whitening gels in the industry, there is still a lot of misinformation. In some cases, these falsehoods can lead consumers to purchase a subpar product. In other cases, it can lead consumers to avoid at-home treatments altogether. As a result, these myths can often waste a lot of your time and money. It is much more efficient to purchase an efficient system first. Trial and error is not a time or cost-effective way to find an ideal whitening solution.

Why Professional Whitening Gel Are

Obtaining accurate information about the whitening process, including the gel used, can help guide you to the right product. When looking for a professional whitening gel in Houston, get your information straight from the source. This way you can ensure that the information is accurate and relevant to the system you want to purchase. For example, Eclipse Whitening has a lot of information about the particular gel they use on their website at

Professional Whitening Gel Are Safe

One of the biggest myths about whitening gels is that they are unsafe for home use. This misconception often leads consumers to dental clinics for whitening treatments. In other cases, consumers opt for cheap over-the-counter products. Either alternative method can result in disappointed consumers who find they have wasted their time or money.

Unfortunately, there are unsafe gels on the market. These whitening gels may strip your enamel or cause harm to your teeth. It is important to remember that those products are harmful not because they are gels but because of their components. Not all professional whitening gel commercially available in Houston will be dangerous.

When shopping for a whitening system, avoid brands that rely on harsh chemicals. Thankfully, the Eclipse Smart Whitening System utilizes a gel designed to be gentle on teeth. They use U.S. made gels made from high quality and safe ingredients.  Eclipse Systems also come with a post-whitening remineralizing gel. This post-use gel helps to prevent your teeth from dehydration and to strengthen the enamel. As a result, the Eclipse System can be safer for your teeth than over-the-counter alternatives. If you have concerns about the chemical component, just ask. A reputable company, like Eclipse Whitening, will be happy to address those concerns. You can reach them by phone at 1-888-505-7758 or email at to learn more about their products.

Whitening Gel in Houston Are Cost-Effective

Another common misconception is that buying professional whitening gel Houston is expensive. This particular misconception makes a bit of sense at first glance. After all, whitening gels are useful and provide results mimicking those achieved at a dental clinic. This fact does not mean the gel used in home kits are harsh or expensive.

Eclipse Whitening uses the same blue light technology used in dental clinics across America. The blue light technology works along with the whitening gel to brighten your smile. Whitening gels themselves are usually sold with the whitening system. Eclipse Whitening offers replacement and additional gel for their whitening system as well in the Eclipse Refill. As a result, you can get the same brilliant results without the time and expense of repeated dental trips.

Eclipse Systems are available at a competitive price, making them easy to take home. As long as the Eclipse System is cared for well, you can store it for future use. This helps you benefit from your initial investment, making it pay off multiple times. Be sure to properly clean your tray after each use by rinsing any remaining gel off. If left on for extended lengths of time it can cause the tray to weaken and crack. Use a gentle toothbrush to remove any gel that will not come off with water. Remember to store your Eclipse System, including the gel, in a cool, dry place. Doing so will ensure your system lasts.

You Do Not Need To Purchase Your Whitening Gel From A Dentist

Professional whitening gel Houston do not need to be purchased from a dentist. This is another misconception that seems to be very popular. For many years the only way to safely and efficiently clean your teeth was to visit a dentist. Home kits used to use lighting and gels that caused dental dehydration. The result was an increase in tooth sensitivity and a whitening treatment that does not last. Individuals looking to whiten their smiles obviously want to avoid those risks. As a result, they mistakenly believe that a dental clinic is the only safe whitening option.

While dental offices do use superior technology, so too does the Eclipse System. In fact, it is even easier to obtain a whitening system from Eclipse than through your dentist. Replacement gels are also readily available. The Eclipse System and its refill kits are available online at These systems use safe and innovative LED lights to prevent dehydration from occurring. Each Eclipse Whitening system also comes with a post-whitening gel. This gel is designed to protect your enamel against dehydration and to strengthen your teeth.

Which Is The Best Professional Whitening Gel Houston?

Dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding Houston-based professional whitening gels will help guide you to the right whitening product. For example, knowing that there is a safe whitening gel commercially available can prevent you from costly dental trips. It can also save you the frustration of trying inferior products.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is one of the best whitening products on the market. The gel used in each Eclipse System kit is perfectly safe and readily available, using high quality U.S. ingredients. This gel can be used daily, for fast whitening results without risking your enamel. Finding the best professional whitening gel Houston is easy if you start, and end, your search with Eclipse Whitening.

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