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Teeth Whitening At Home Houston TX

Teeth Whitening At Home Houston TX

People interested in brightening their smile may be interested in solutions for teeth whitening at home Houston TX. Most people believe they need to go to a dentist’s office for an efficient whitening procedure. While that is one option, there are a few reasons people look for other whitening solutions:

  • Dental visits can be expensive
  • Whitening at a dental office is likely to cause sensitivity
  • Dental visits are time-consuming
  • Whitening needs to be done according to dentist’s schedule, not yours

Houston, TX at home teeth whitening products are readily available. Some are just as effective as a trip to the dentist but available at a fraction of the cost. Also, turning to at-home options can help ensure you comply with all whitening instructions. Some people simply cannot leave work or their other obligations for dental trips. Lack of availability can mean that too much time will elapse between whitening treatments.

At home kits can be done when you have the time, and while you are performing other tasks. The convenience and lower price are significant incentives to consider whitening your teeth at home Houston, TX.

Finding The Best Products For Teeth Whitening At Home Houston TX

Finding the perfect at home teeth whitening product in Houston, TX can be a bit of a challenge. There are quite a few different products available as well as a few different whitening methods. When thinking about which one to buy, avoid the temptation to buy the cheapest product first. Saving money is always appealing, but you may waste more than you save by going this route. You may need to use some inexpensive products continuously to maintain the whitening effect, negating any money you save. Cheaper products may not be as effective, meaning you will need to buy something else when this one fails. In the end, spending a bit more at the outset may save you lots in the long run.

Visit your dentist before starting any at home whitening treatment. You will want to be sure your teeth are free from any oral health issues including decay and cavities. Once starting your whitening treatments, pay attention to how your teeth respond to the whitening solution as well. If they start to hurt or you notice increased sensitivity, go back to your dentist and explain your concerns to him/her. New or worsening pain can be a sign of a more serious dental issue.

There are two general types of at home teeth whitening treatments in Houston, TX. Learning more about each one will help you decide which whitening treatment is best for you. 

An At Home Teeth Whitening System

By far, the most effective at home treatment is an LED light with whitening gel teeth whitening system. These can be purchased directly from manufacturers, such as Eclipse Whitening. Systems like this vary a bit depending on the company but do have a few things in common. Each system will come with a tray, designed to fit in your mouth and will include whitening gels.

Be careful to avoid systems that come with UV-based lighting. UV lights can cause your enamel to dry out over time, increasing the sensitivity of your teeth. Consumers typically search for a high quality whitening kit that comes with the more advanced blue light technology used by dentists. It is the best way to get that superior clean without the inconvenience of dental visits.

The new Eclipse Smart Whitening System can provide that advanced technology without a huge price tag. Using sixteen powerful LED whitening lights and convenient hands free technology, this is a one of its kind system. Thankfully, it is available at a competitive cost and comes with a one-year warranty.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System also comes equipped with three advanced whitening gels, guaranteed to provide four to ten shades improvement.  These gels are manufactured in the U.S. with high quality ingredients geared towards effective and safe whitening results.  A remineralizing gel is also included, which can be used after your procedures, to help reinforce your enamel.

It’s Easy to Whiten Your Teeth at Home With Eclipse Kits

Using at home teeth whitening systems in Houston, TX is very easy.  You will need to brush your teeth gently. After cleaning, use oral wipes to dry off your teeth. Starting each whitening treatment with dry teeth will increase its effectiveness. Apply the gel to the tray in a thin line using a syringe. Carefully insert the light, ensuring not to get any gel on your gums. Wipe off any excess whitening gel.  Pop the tray in your mouth for the recommended period of twenty minutes, and remove it after completion.

Remember to clean the tray after each treatment session. Usually, you can simply rinse it off after removing the LED light. For stubborn stains, or gel that will not come off, you can use a soft toothbrush. Gently brush away at the gel until it comes off. Being too forceful may damage your tray.

When looking for a whitening system, keep the Eclipse Kit in mind. Not only does it come with a one-year warranty against damage, but there is also a fourteen-day money back satisfaction guarantee. Warranties and offers like that are a strong indication that Eclipse stands behind its product.

Over The Counter Teeth Whitening Strips And Gels 

Other at home teeth whitening products available in Houston, TX includes various toothpastes, strips, and gels. Each is available at differing price points with differing levels of effectiveness. As a group, however, these products are significantly less effective than at home systems or kits. LED and gel based kits will get stains out faster and with less effort than using strips, gels, or pastes. Whitening kits sold by Eclipse Whitening also come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you know you will see results fast.

If you want to get whiter teeth fast, with minimal effort, an at home kit is ideal. Gels and strips can take months of continuous use before you notice any improvement. However, some people prefer to use whitening products between more extensive treatments. These types of products are better used for maintenance and preventive measures than treatments. In particular, individuals who enjoy the following food and beverages may want to think about whitening maintenance:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Tobacco products
  • Wine
  • Soda

Using these products to mitigate the extent of stains can be cost effective as well. They tend to be available at inexpensive prices at most department and drug stores.  At the same time, Eclipse Whitening offers refills, making it cost effective to maintain results after purchasing your Eclipse Smart Whitening System.

Which Is The Best Houston, TX Based Teeth Whitening Solution?

By far, a more elaborate system is the best way to whiten your teeth at home in Houston, TX. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System combines a powerful whitening formula and easy to use technology to offer a one-of-a-kind whitening experience. Consumers will not be able to find those kind of promises or results anywhere else. Inexpensive gels and strips may be fine for ongoing maintenance, but will not be as effective on stains. Results from at home kits usually last about six months before the treatment needs to be repeated. Then, an Eclipse Whitening Refill may be purchased to maintain results.  A twenty minute session may be repeated monthly or quarterly, depending on your dark food and drink diet.

At home kits and systems are not that much more than the cost of using multiple over-the-counter gels and pastes. They are very easy to use and require very little effort to remain effective. An Eclipse Smart Whitening System is easy to use, with proven results. They are available at very competitive pricing, and with guarantees that let you know the company stands behind their product. Finding an at home whitening kit is also easy and affordable. These types of systems are the best choice if you are looking for effective teeth whitening at home Houston TX.

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