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Teeth Whitening Product Houston

Teeth Whitening Product Houston

Are you thinking about using a teeth whitening product Houston? There are many reasons to want a brighter smile, making these products popular treatments. At home solutions, such as those from Eclipse Whitening, are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get the smile you want. There are a few other benefits to investing in these systems:

  • Avoid costly dental visits
  • Effectiveness
  • Easy to use
  • Whiten while completing other tasks
  • Entirely safe

At home treatments are used by adults in just about every demographic. Despite their popularity, myths about their use and safety still exist. Misinformation about using Houston-based teeth whitening products can keep many people away from the treatment altogether.

If you have had your teeth whitened before, you know that it can give you a lot of confidence. It is unfortunate that mistaken beliefs can keep other people away from this type of treatment. Learning about the various teeth whitening products available in Houston can help dispel some of these myths.

Myth: Teeth Whitening Lights Are Harmful

In reality, only Houston-based teeth whitening products that rely on UV lights are dangerous. The UV light can dehydrate your enamel. The result is a dry, uncomfortable mouth with very sensitive teeth. Even the best mineralizing gels will not prevent your teeth from drying out if they are exposed to UV light on a repeated basis.

Thankfully, there are other options for whitening lights aside from UV ones. One common alternative to UV lighting are LED lights. These lights are perfect for home whitening solutions. They are safe for use on even the most sensitive of teeth. LED lights are also known for lasting a long time without requiring replacement. LED lights are usually much easier to find as well.

Eclipse Whitening is one such company that offers LED lighting whitening systems. Their Eclipse Smart Whitening System uses an innovative LED lighting system that uses the right wavelength to effectively activate the whitening procedure towards best results.  Thanks to its advanced smartphone capabilities, consumers can quickly and conveniently whiten their smiles at home.

Myth: Only Dental Clinics Have Safe Whitening Options

Another myth is that only dental clinics can offer safe teeth whitening products in Houston. There is a common belief that the only place to find a safe alternative to UV lighting is at a dental clinic. This can prevent many people from investigating the treatment any further. Thinking that an expensive set of dental visits is the only path to whiter teeth can be off-putting.

Fortunately, there is no truth to this myth either. It is true that most dental clinics avoid using UV lights for whitening treatments. Some clinics have adopted LED technology while others have looked into alternatives. However, dental clinics are not the only avenue for safe and effective whitening.

There are teeth whitening kits you can purchase right here in Houston that are entirely safe and efficient. Keep an eye out for a kit that includes LED whitening lights and a gel syringe, like those sold by Eclipse Whitening. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System uses the same blue light technology available at a dental clinic. They also come with a specially formulated gel. These aspects, combined with hand free technology and an affordable price, are only available from Eclipse Whitening. When taken together, they help prevent your teeth from dehydrating. As a result, your treatments will be as effective as possible but at a fraction of a cost to a dental visit.

Myth: Whitening Toothpastes Are A Better Choice Than Whitening Kits

Some people will insist that using a whitening toothpaste on a regular basis is better than using a kit. In some, limited, cases, toothpaste can help remove or minimize certain stains. Brushing right after drinking coffee, for example, can help prevent coffee stains from being as noticeable. Unfortunately, toothpaste alone will not remove the stain entirely. It also cannot change the shade of your teeth or treat built up stains. These reasons make toothpaste a poor choice for the only tooth whitening product in Houston you use.

Whitening kits are stronger than toothpaste and are more effective as a result. In fact, an Eclipse Smart Whitening System can lighten your teeth by four to ten shades with just one set of sessions. They will give you much better results than whitening toothpaste alone. There is no toothpaste on the market that can give you those kinds of results with that type of speed.

Myth: You Cannot Use A Teeth Whitening Product If You Have Sensitive Teeth

Approximately one in eight adults in the United States suffers from tooth sensitivity. The severity can range from constant pain to only occasional sensitivity after consuming certain foods. The pain is known to be intense, and hard to treat. As a result, people with sensitive teeth tend to be very careful about the teeth whitening products they buy in Houston.

Other whitening products, such as gels and strips, can make sensitive teeth worse due to the prolonged exposure required by some of these treatments. Most dentists will caution patients away from these products. Even ordinary toothpaste can be too much for some mouths. It makes sense that someone would think all whitening products are off the table as brightening solutions.

Thankfully, the gels used in reputable at home kits are perfectly safe for sensitive teeth. You should also invest in a kit that uses LED rather than UV lighting, to protect your teeth from potential dehydration. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System is perfect for those who suffer from sensitive teeth but still want the benefits of a whitening treatment. The powerful LED whitening lights are completely safe for use. The gel is made with high quality ingredients in the U.S. and specially formulated to prevent dehydration, making it ideally suited to those who have sensitive teeth. You should not feel any pain during or after a session, even with sensitive teeth. If you do notice pain, it could be a sign that there is something else wrong and should consult a dentist.

What’s The Bottom Line On Buying A Teeth Whitening Product Houston?

It can be hard to separate fact from fiction in the early stages of product research. It is important to be fully informed before making any decision about whitening. You should always ask questions if you fail to find satisfactory answers. Reputable whitening system retailers, such as Eclipse Whitening, will have customer service departments available. They will always be willing to answer your questions and to provide the correct information. The more information you have, the easier your decision about whitening will be.

Being fully informed will also help you find the right brand. For example, knowing that UV lights are harmful, but LED lights are safe can help guide your purchase. If you have sensitive teeth, this knowledge can help you figure out which product to gravitate toward. Understanding what you need will help direct you to the best possible product. An Eclipse Smart Whitening System can fulfill all your whitening needs without causing any harm or damage to your teeth.  Keeping these myths in mind will help you find the best teeth whitening product Houston.

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