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Teeth Whitening System In Houston TX

Teeth Whitening System In Houston TX

Have you been thinking about purchasing a teeth whitening system in Houston TX? Eating dark colored foods or enjoying dark beverages, such as coffee, sodas or wine, can lead to stains on your teeth. Home whitening systems are an excellent way to remove such stains without the time or expense of dental visits. These systems are popular purchases for people preparing for:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Engagement Photos
  • Professional Headshots
  • Reunions

Other individuals use Houston, TX-based teeth whitening systems on a regular basis. This helps to maintain perfectly white teeth despite soda, wine, or coffee consumption. Enamel stains can happen even after practicing the best oral hygiene routines, making whitening systems attractive purchases.

At home whitening systems are the best way to improve the shade of your smile. If used correctly, some kits can bring four to ten shades of improvement. Eclipse Whitening is one company that stands by their results and even provides a fourteen-day money back guarantee.

A Teeth Whitening System In Houston TX is Easy To Use

At home enamel whitening systems used in Houston, TX are usually quite easy to use. Eclipse Whitening sells a teeth whitening kit that uses smartphone technology to efficiently and conveniently whiten your teeth. Systems like these are priced quite competitively and make whitening your teeth incredibly simple. Reservations you may have about whitening will likely disappear when you find out how easy it is to do yourself with the Eclipse Smart Whitening System.

Before you begin whitening, you should always gently brush and floss your teeth. Use oral wipes to dry off your teeth afterward. Any moisture left can make the whitening gel less efficient. The next step involves using the syringe to squeeze the appropriate amount of gel onto the tray. Carefully bite onto the tray that contains the LED whitening lights and wipe away any excess gel carefully. Connect the whole system to your smartphone, and you are all ready towards a bright white smile.

The Eclipse Smart Whitening System comes with an additional step. In some cases, the light and gel can leave your teeth feeling a bit dry. Eclipse Kits include a remineralizing gel, designed to keep your teeth hydrated and to strengthen the enamel. After you have rinsed off the whitening gel, just apply an equal amount of remineralizing gel. The light is not required for this step. Once you are done, rinse the system again and store in a cool, dry place.

Whitening Systems Are Entirely Safe

There is a myth in Houston, TX that teeth whitening systems are harmful to the enamel. This myth likely originated when the only light available used UV lightening. These types of lights will strip the enamel, leaving teeth feeling sore and sensitive. For many years, the only way to safely whiten your teeth was at a dentist’s office.

Thankfully, a superior blue light technology is now available for home use. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System uses innovative LED whitening lights and a gentle gel to whiten teeth safely. In fact, the Eclipse System goes one step further and offers an additional hydrating action. This preventative measure is just one of the many reasons why these systems are so safe, effective, and popular.

No one should start a whitening treatment without first visiting the dentist. Your dentist will be able to treat any preexisting oral health conditions. Whitening when suffering from gum disease or tooth decay will not be effective and may be risky to your oral health. These conditions should be dealt with prior to any other type of treatment, including teeth whitening. As long as you start whitening with a healthy mouth, the procedures are entirely safe and more effective.

Avoid Costly Trips To The Dentist

While your whitening treatment should start with a trip to the dentist, there is no need to complete your whitening services there. Dental clinics are not the only facilities with safe whitening procedures. Thanks to Eclipse Whitening, you can get the same safe whitening results in the comfort of your own home. Working professionals, busy parents, and students, in particular, can take advantage of whitening on their schedule, not someone else’s.

Houston-based teeth whitening systems that can be done at home are a cost-effective solution to get the smile you want. Not only is it more convenient to whiten when you have the time, but it can also be much cheaper. Eclipse Whitening offers systems at competitive pricing, significantly cheaper than repeated visits to your dentist’s office.

Another perk to investing in home whitening systems is that you can touch up whenever you want. As long as you have enough gel on hand, you do not need to wait to complete touch up treatments. Eclipse Whitening also offers refills to help you maintain your great results already obtain through the Eclipse System.  Dental offices often have long waits before cosmetic appointments are available. If the event you are planning for is coming up soon, you may not have time to wait. Purchasing an Eclipse System from can help prepare you for future needs as well as current ones.

Best Way To Get Whiter Teeth

There are many reasons to try whitening systems. A desire to have dramatically whiter teeth in a short period of time is the best one. These types of systems are designed to safely yet effectively whiten your teeth without requiring a lot of commitment. Using an Eclipse Smart Whitening System for as little as a week can bring dramatic results. In some cases, four to ten shades improvement were noticed in as little as six daily sessions. Results like that are hard to ignore.

At home teeth whitening systems are also very convenient. This encourages compliance and regular use as well as saves you time. Regular, repeated use over a set period of time is often the best way to remove stubborn stains from your teeth and maintain a shiny white smile. Being able to repeatedly use these systems with the touch of a smartphone key can encourage a high compliance rate. For those who struggle to attend the dentist, this can give the white results needed without the repeated missed appointments. Essentially, an at home teeth whitening system in Houston TX is the best way to get a beautiful grin and the Eclipse Smart Whitening System is there to help you obtain that.

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