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Tooth Whitening Kit in Houston

Tooth Whitening Kit in Houston

If you enjoy coffee, cola, or wine, you may be looking for a tooth whitening kit in Houston. These delicious beverages, along with other foods and habits, can quickly stain your teeth. Even brushing on a regular basis, exactly as direct, may not be enough. Stains caused by these foods and lifestyle habits are stubborn. Regularly brushing, flossing, and using whitening toothpaste can help you maintain your white teeth between whitening treatments. Unfortunately, they will not restore your pearly white teeth on their own.

One way to restore your smile is to make regular trips for in-office whitening procedures. These trips can be time-consuming and expensive and must be done on your facility’s schedule. Home whitening kits are an excellent way to get or maintain a perfectly white grin. These kits usually contain a gel and tray combination that you can use at your leisure.

A home teeth whitening kit in Houston is perfect for shift workers, students, and corporate officials are ideal candidates for this whitening system. Just about anyone who cannot get away from work during the day could benefit. These kits can should be purchased from reputable companies, and can be used where ever and whenever you have the time. The differentiating question here should be the effective quality, features and ingredients of the home system.

Important Tooth Whitening Facts

Using a kit for teeth whitening in Houston once does not mean that your teeth will remain white forever. You will need to touch up your teeth every so often to maintain your pearly whites. Even if you make recommended dietary and lifestyle changes, your teeth may still stain. As a result, you may need to re-whiten your teeth to maintain your brilliant and bright smile.

It is recommended to talk to your dentist before you begin using any whitening kit. Be sure to take care of any major cavities or tooth decay, first. This will help you see a greater benefit from use of the kit. It will also contribute to your overall oral health. Begin brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash on a regular basis before starting to whiten. Once this becomes habit, you may find that your teeth stay whiter for a longer period of time, resulting in not needing to whiten with a home kit as often.

As you whiten, try to avoid foods or drinks that tend to stain, specifically for the first two to three days after you at home whitening session. You may also want to avoid eating or drinking anything very hot or very cold immediately after a whitening session. Always speak with your dentist if you have any concern about teeth sensitivity.

Options for Tooth Whitening Services In Houston

Although here a few different options on the market in Houston for teeth whitening kits. Some are readily available over-the-counter, from major toothpaste brands. These kits usually consist of a gel and applicator, and little else. They do not often work for an extended period of time, if at all. Their relative ineffectiveness, when compared to more reliable results garnered from dental visits, can turn people off of home solutions.

A second option involves frequent trips for in-office whitening sessions. This procedure usually consists of having a gel applied and then illuminated by a LED whitening light. It is an efficient way to whiten your teeth, but it can also get very expensive quite quickly. Since whitening solutions do not last forever, you will need to go back in a few months for additional sessions. Over time, this can add up to a lot of missed work and money spent.

Thankfully, there are other modern at home solutions that do give advanced results. Visible improvements can often be seen after as little as two, twenty-minute sessions with an at home kit. Kits like these are rising in popularity because of their ease of use. Being able to pop in a tray while watching television or even working can save time and money. Although there are currently a couple of different options to whitening at home, many Americans are now looking for a more effective home whitening system that features the use of the advanced blue light technology that is provided during in office sessions. Fortunately now, there is a New Eclipse Smart Whitening System that provides the comfort of a hands free whitening tray that connects directly to the consumers Smartphone or USB portal that powers (16) LED whitening lights to ensure the superior results of in-office teeth whitening with the comfort of doing so anywhere at any time. This revolutionary system comes as a fully loaded kit with three large professional grade whitening gel syringes, and also a re-mineralizing agent for enamel strengthening following each session. The Eclipse Kit is currently the only of its kind to offer each of the in-demand feature at such a competitive cost, and include a 1-year warranty to protect its customers.

How To Find A Tooth Whitening Kit In Houston

Looking for a Houston-based whitening kit for your teeth can feel challenging. Although the Eclipse Smart Teeth Whitening is the most revolutionary whitening system currently on the market, there are quite a few considerations you will want to keep in mind as you search. Think about the time you want to spend each session on your teeth, or if you already have severely sensitive teeth or other dental issues.

Within just a few sessions of using the right kit, you should notice a much whiter smile. If not, contact your dentist. Ineffective whitening or severe tooth sensitivity are signs of other dental issues. These other problems should be addressed before you continue with your home whitening. If possible, mention any sensitivity or pain issue to your dentist before whitening. A pre-whitening visit is always a good idea. After asking oneself which system will meet each of those consumer desires the “SMARTER” decision is to get the one that requires no batteries, has the most LED whitening results, and has longevity and easy to use features. The Eclipse Kit comes with a one year warranty and a 14 days money back satisfaction guarantee. The Eclipse Smart Whitening System meets each of these goals and is an affordable one time buy.

Remember that whitening kits will not have the same dramatic effect on crowns or veneers. If you are hoping to whiten your teeth by several shades, you may want to consider a trip to your dentist. After your teeth have reached their desired shade, your dentist may be able to help any crowns or veneers match. Following the tips above can help you find the best tooth whitening kit in Houston for you.

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